The most Qualified & Professional Team in Real Estate

Since 1922 the Business has been built on a reputation for honesty and integrity, relationships that are founded on trust. The First National Real Estate Ararat is the most qualified & professional in our region with all our staff undergoing Training & Development to ensure the highest standards in customer service. Now with the backing and strength of First National, Australasia's larget group of independent agents, we can deliver better administration, better technology, better training, and better marketing strategies to be sure to maintain being Ararat & District’s leading and progressive real estate company, delivering higher standards of service to our customers. Our team will be working to systems and procedures that are accredited to ISO9002 international quality standards as part of First National's industry "Best Practice" that ensures we deliver high levels of service to customers and provides Solutions & Satisfaction to your needs.

Honesty and Integrity
  • Have strong moral principles and be truthful in everything we do and say.
  • Treat People with consideration, fairness, politeness and decency as we want to be treated.
  • Be appropriately qualified and competently skilled to perform our roles.
Customer Focus
  • Delivery of a quality best practise service to create customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Working together harmoniously to create success.
  • Ensure our Work is fun and an enjoyable experience.
  • Contribute to the development and well being of the local community.